Clingy Tee – Chanel

{ 04.17.14 }

We weren’t too sure about Chanel wearing this t-shirt when she first showed it to use. She told us to trust her that it would be just fine. Well, she was right. It clung to her in just the right places. And when paired with this tiny thong and thigh high stockings we weren’t complaining.

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Number 5 – Chanel

{ 04.10.14 }


We’re excited to introduce you to our newest teen glamour model Chanel. She has plenty of confidence and isn’t afraid to be daring. She definitely didn’t waste anytime putting these traits on display during her debut set. And this sheer halter and thong is the perfect lingerie to get things started.

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You Ring? – Megan

{ 02.13.14 }


Imagine daring Megan showing up at your hotel door for the daily maid service. Even if you didn’t need anything done we’re sure you’d make a quick mess of something so you could see her in French maid lingerie. And it’s not just any lingerie. Sheer fishnet, a thong and a little apron. Better hurry and mess up your bed so she has something to fix!

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A New Queen

{ 02.06.14 }


There’s a new queen in town and her name is Megan. We’re excited to welcome our newest teen glamour model and we’re confident you’ll be impressed with her debut. Megan looks fantastic modeling this teddy lingerie and thong. All hail the queen!

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Teen glamour model Alana certainly makes an impression. It helps when she’s wearing this daring sheer teddy lingerie and thong. She was feeling very playful during this shoot as you’ll see as. Playful is a good thing for sure.

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