Chairity – Charlotte

{ 04.11.13 }


Seems as if Charlotte is in a very giving mood. How do we know? Just look at this sheer lace bra and thong. We’ll more than willing to be Charlotte’s charity case.

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Black Petal – Kyli

{ 04.10.13 }


Gotta say, it sure didn’t long for Kyli to build up her confidence and tap into her daring side. We’re pretty sure you’ll agree when you see her in this sheer lace teddy and matching thong. Confident and daring indeed!

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Meet Charlotte. She is Puerto Rican teen cutie and we’re very excited to have her on Teen Starlet. Charlotte is relatively new to modeling, but you would never know. She’s very confident and comfortable in front of the camera. Try not to get caught in her web. We know this lace halter and thong will make it difficult.

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Allow us to introduce you to Kyli. She is relatively new to modeling and we’re very excited to welcome her to the Teen Starlet family. For someone who claimed she was a little nervous we sure couldn’t tell. Just wait until you see her in the babydoll and thong.

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We are excited to introduce you to another new teen starlet. Meet Rebekah. We know there some “Ginger” fans out there and Rebekah should bring a smile to your face. In her first update she wastes no time in showing you her fiery and daring personality by wearing this sheer halter and thong.

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