Leah Redux – Leah

{ 07.31.12 }

Allow us to introduce you to our newest Teen Starlet, Leah. She says her friends call her a walking contradiction, but we just think she’s walking cuteness. You’ll see exactly what we mean when you see her debut set where she’s modeling a lace teddy and matching panties.

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New month. New model. New featured model of the month. Meet blonde teen model Audrey. She wastes not time showing her daring side in her first update. You’ll enjoy seeing her model a sheer teddy and thong. Give her a warm welcome in the comments and be ready for an exciting month.

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Welcome back our newest blonde, vixen Rae and she wants to show you just how daring she can be. For this exciting set, princess Rae is wearing a sheer teddy with a thong back. Rae certainly has no fear as this lingerie will attest. We do believe Rae will make a favorable impression.

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Rae Of Sunshine

{ 01.10.12 }

It’s a new day and guess what? It’s another new model! Allow us to introduce you to Rae. This bleach blonde darling is from Florida and is new to modeling. Lucky for you we’re always looking for fresh faces and were delighted to add Rae to the Teen Starlet family. In her first update Rae is wearing a sheer teddy and string thong. Something we’re confident you’ll enjoy. Please give her a warm welcome!

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So we have another tasty treat for you and her name is Nikola. Nikola is our newest teen model from the Czech Republic. This blonde haired, blue eye stunner has been modeling for just over a year and we’re very excited to have her as part of the Teen Starlet family. We found Nikola to be so sweet we decided that she would be our next feature model. For your first taste of Nikola enjoy this set of her wearing a pink teddy and thong. Enjoy!

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