Red Hot Red – Red

{ 07.10.14 }


Please give a warm welcome to our newest Teen Starlet, Red. She really knows how to make a good first impression. She didn’t mess around when it came to selecting her outfit. We’re confident you’ll approve of her choice. How could you not when it’s a sheer blouse, a wild teddy lingerie, thong and the ever alluring garters and stockings. Red hot for sure!

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Sheer Majesty – Alex

{ 05.01.14 }


We’ve got a new, wonderful teen glamour model to introduce you to. Meet Alex! This long haired beauty is friend’s with Amanda Verona and has always wanted to do some modeling. We’re pretty stoked we get to show you her modeling debut. She picked quite the ensemble to kick things off. Just wait until you see her in this sheer teddy and thong with thigh high stockings held up with some garters. She certainly isn’t messing around.

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Clingy Tee – Chanel

{ 04.17.14 }

We weren’t too sure about Chanel wearing this t-shirt when she first showed it to use. She told us to trust her that it would be just fine. Well, she was right. It clung to her in just the right places. And when paired with this tiny thong and thigh high stockings we weren’t complaining.

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A Little Sprinkle

{ 12.05.13 }


We’re excited to present to you our newest teen glamour model, Marina. Such a cutie with a little sprinkle of freckles and penetrating eyes and of course a daring attitude. Just wait until you see her moves while wearing this sheer, lace bra bra and thong with thigh high fishnet stockings. An exciting debut for sure.

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Meet Madison. Madison is a Southern belle with a little bit of a daring side. We think you’ll enjoy her approach to winning you over by courting you in her own style. Don’t be surprised how easily she’ll win you over when you see her in this bra, thong and garter with fishnet stockings.

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