Look Out! – Fallon

{ 12.02.14 }


Well, what can we say other than “look out!” You’ll be saying and doing just that when you see wonderful teen glamour model Fallon in this daring update. Your eyes my just pop out of your skull when you see her showing off her sheer lingerie and thong. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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We’ve got another new model for you. Meet April. There’s no doubt she’s going to be a favorite seeing how she’s got a nice daring side. You’ll see for yourself in her debut set with her in this sexy babydoll lingerie and sheer thong. But it looks like she forgot her stockings. Not that you’ll mind.

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When requested Adele wear a little skirt we had no idea what she would actually slip into. Well, when we saw her in this tiny skirt with just a bra we had absolutely zero complaints. Especially once she started modeling the skirt somehow vanished to reveal a daring little thong. Not that we would ever complain about a beauty like Adele strutting around in a bra and thong.

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Down To A T – Petra

{ 05.21.14 }


For a relative new comer to teen glamour modeling Petra sure has this down to a T. She’s a real natural in her daring ways. Something about slipping into some lingerie just turns a switch on for her. You’ll see for yourself as she models this crazy bra and thong combo with high heels. She’s turning out to be a wonderful addition to Teen Starlet.

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Teen model Alex is back and she continues to impress. How could she not when you pair her good looks with some daring lingerie. A cute babydoll fringed with lace and a thong is just what the doctor ordered. We’d like to thank the doctor for his recommendation. Good call Doc!

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