Becca – La Pula

{ 03.02.11 }

One of our newest Teen Starlet Models, Becca is back and is looking sweeter than ever. All you stocking lovers will appreciate this update. Why? Because  Becca is sporting some sexy thigh high stockings that matches the sheer black lingerie she’s wearing. Join today to see the entire set and HD video.

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Boy do we have a special bonus update for you today. Welcome UK model Geena Mullins to Teen Starlet. Geena rocks this black, sheer lingerie in her high heels. This is just a small taste because Geena has her own site (www.geenamullins.com) that’s part of the Teen Starlet network of sites. To get your taste click here!

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Kandace – Blue Bow

{ 12.07.10 }

Kandace never disappoints and is back to prove it.  Click here to see Kandace show off her sexy, sheer lingerie and thong.

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Kandace, the “oldest sister”, makes a splash with her first two sets, “Dangerous” and “Black Magic”


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