Now that summer is in full effect there’s nothing better than a nice tropical breeze too cool you down. Now just imagine relaxing in that breeze with teen glamour model Red prancing around in her sheer blouse and booty shorts. Now that’s how you really unwind.

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Red Hot Red – Red

{ 07.10.14 }


Please give a warm welcome to our newest Teen Starlet, Red. She really knows how to make a good first impression. She didn’t mess around when it came to selecting her outfit. We’re confident you’ll approve of her choice. How could you not when it’s a sheer blouse, a wild teddy lingerie, thong and the ever alluring garters and stockings. Red hot for sure!

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Anna is our blonde fitness beauty and she storms onto the scene with her introductory set releases, “In Wonderland” and “Hearts on Fire”.


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