Va Va Voom – Lucie

{ 08.14.14 }


We’ve got another exciting addition to Teen Starlet. Meet Lucie. This voluptuous, blonde teen glamour model is sure to take your breath away. In her debut you’ll find Lucie showing off in a bra and a pair boy short panties. Now take a deep breath and feast your eyes on Lucie.

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Euroglam – Petra

{ 05.16.14 }


As you know we’re always searching for new models and occasionally our search takes us overseas. It’s been a while, but we heard from one of our contacts in the Czech Republic that they had a new model we may be interested in. They sent us some samples of Petra and we were hooked. Petra is new to modeling so we were even more excited. She’s got some raw talent as you will see in her debut set of her showing off in this classy bra and pair of panties. We’re pretty stoked to see how she progresses as a model and to be able to bring her to you for your viewing pleasure.

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Whiteout – Rebekah

{ 04.02.13 }


You know how you need a few moments for your eyes to adjust after being outside on bright winter day with snow everywhere? Well you’re eyes are gonna need some time to adjust after you see this daring update of Rebekah. Wait until you see her in this sheer top and matching panties. You won’t believe your eyes.

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Here she is. Back again. You know how they say you need to peel back the layers to get to the good stuff. Well, here’s Brianna to give some credence to that expression. You’ll see what we mean as she shows off this very sheer lingerie outfit with a jacket (it is a jacket, right?), teddy and panties. We’re pretty sure when the layers are peeled back you’ll like what you’ll find.

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Leah Redux – Leah

{ 07.31.12 }

Allow us to introduce you to our newest Teen Starlet, Leah. She says her friends call her a walking contradiction, but we just think she’s walking cuteness. You’ll see exactly what we mean when you see her debut set where she’s modeling a lace teddy and matching panties.

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