Teen model Alex is back and she continues to impress. How could she not when you pair her good looks with some daring lingerie. A cute babydoll fringed with lace and a thong is just what the doctor ordered. We’d like to thank the doctor for his recommendation. Good call Doc!

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Sheer Majesty – Alex

{ 05.01.14 }


We’ve got a new, wonderful teen glamour model to introduce you to. Meet Alex! This long haired beauty is friend’s with Amanda Verona and has always wanted to do some modeling. We’re pretty stoked we get to show you her modeling debut. She picked quite the ensemble to kick things off. Just wait until you see her in this sheer teddy and thong with thigh high stockings held up with some garters. She certainly isn’t messing around.

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Little did we know just how much of a daring side teen moel Marie had in store for us. We’re sure you’ll want to leap into the life of lace and luxury Marie is living. Why wouldn’t you when Marie would be strutting around in this daring, sheer lace bra and thong.

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We’ve got another exotic beauty for you. We’re excited to introduce you to Jahira and her first set definitely doesn’t disappoint. Just wait until you see her in this sheer lace teddy with a thong back.

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Inside The Lines

{ 04.30.13 }


Seems we have a lot of “Ginger” fans out there so be ready for another spicy red head. Meet Courtney. This Canadian beauty has been modeling for a few years and we’re excited to welcome her to the Teen Starlet family. We think you’ll be please with this new addition once you see her in the sheer lingerie with a thong back, garter and stockings and high heels.

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