Sweet as honey. Smooth as cream. The girls of Honey Cream are here. Finally. You will recognize many of the models since they are former Teen Starlet girls. Not all of the girls were willing to step up the tease factor, but those who were are on Honey Cream along with some fresh young faces. You’ll see these girls like you’ve been hoping for. Honey Cream will be updating every Monday and Friday with the same high-quality content but with much more to see. The girls really take their teasing to the next level, just like you’ve been hoping! Click here to see your dreams come true.

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Teen model Kaelin Monroe is feeling frisky and is aching to hope into this jacuzzi tub. But first she needs to slip out of her sheer lace babydoll. Then she’s gonna tease you a bit with her thong bikini. Then, just maybe, she’ll let you join her in the jacuzzi.

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Get Down – Kaelin

{ 11.20.12 }

Kealin Monroe just couldn’t resist hopping on top of the bar for this set. Granted the chances of her falling down were pretty slim, but still, accidents can happen. Just think, if you had a drink in your hand and all of sudden an attractive teen model hopped up on a bar wearing a teddy with a thong back what could possibly happen. One dropped drink.

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Summer is starting to wind down, but don’t tell Kaelin that. She’s still in full on summer mode. Who are we to complain when she looks so good in her pink thong bikini. Oh how we love the summer. And thong bikinis. With Kealin in them.

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