Teen glamour model Tereza is bathed in light while standing next to this open window. Good thing because she looks spectacular in her sheer lingerie. We wouldn’t want you to miss out seeing her luxurious curves beneath this teddy and thong along with her high heels.

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Down To A T – Petra

{ 05.21.14 }


For a relative new comer to teen glamour modeling Petra sure has this down to a T. She’s a real natural in her daring ways. Something about slipping into some lingerie just turns a switch on for her. You’ll see for yourself as she models this crazy bra and thong combo with high heels. She’s turning out to be a wonderful addition to Teen Starlet.

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Inside The Lines

{ 04.30.13 }


Seems we have a lot of “Ginger” fans out there so be ready for another spicy red head. Meet Courtney. This Canadian beauty has been modeling for a few years and we’re excited to welcome her to the Teen Starlet family. We think you’ll be please with this new addition once you see her in the sheer lingerie with a thong back, garter and stockings and high heels.

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Spicy Dish – Sabrina

{ 01.22.13 }


We hope the new year has started off well for everyone and you are sticking with your resolutions. We’re doing our best to stick with ours. What is ours? Well, it’s not really a resolution, but something we will always work hard to do. And that’s find fresh, beautiful girls for you to enjoy. In that spirit, meet Sabrina. This brunette starlet is another hottie from Canada. We believe you’ll enjoy Sabrina’s debut with her wearing this sheer lace babydoll and boy shorts with high heels.

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Pink Bunny – Paulina

{ 11.28.12 }

We’ll admit, we’re not quite sure why blonde teen model Paulina wanted to wear bunny ears with this baby doll, sheer thong and high heels, but we aren’t complaining. How could we? Paulina looks amazing and is well deserving to be one of those other famous bunnies. And we’re not talking about Jessica Rabbit.

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