Inside The Lines

{ 04.30.13 }


Seems we have a lot of “Ginger” fans out there so be ready for another spicy red head. Meet Courtney. This Canadian beauty has been modeling for a few years and we’re excited to welcome her to the Teen Starlet family. We think you’ll be please with this new addition once you see her in the sheer lingerie with a thong back, garter and stockings and high heels.

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Meet Madison. Madison is a Southern belle with a little bit of a daring side. We think you’ll enjoy her approach to winning you over by courting you in her own style. Don’t be surprised how easily she’ll win you over when you see her in this bra, thong and garter with fishnet stockings.

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We are very excited to bring you a special treat from the great white north (that would be Canada) and her name is Jolie. He beautiful and exotic look will pretty much knock your socks off. Shoes too for that matter. Plus she’s got a teasing daring streak to her. Wait until you feast your eyes on her debut set with her modeling this full lingerie get up with bra, thong, stockings and a garter. We figured Jolie would be a nice way to start 2013 featured models. Just think, there’s 4 more sets to come. Yep, there’s 5 Thursday’s in Jan. Happy New Year!!!

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Shy Beauty – Jade

{ 10.02.12 }

Don’t be fooled. Jade is anything but shy when it comes to modeling. She got quite daring when she slipped this sheer bra and thong with matching garter and stockings. If anything it will make you the shy one.

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Hot Blooded – Anisa

{ 02.02.12 }

We hope you’ve been enjoying the new models from the Mid-West. Based on the feedback we’ve been getting we’d have to say you are. Well, we’ve got another one for you. Please give a warm welcome to Anisa Maria. This exotic brunette is very ambitious and a lot goals she wants to reach. Lucky for you one of those goals is to be a successful model. Be ready to see some daring updates because Anisa is February’s featured model of the month.

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