We know that you’ve suspected we were working on a site for Cali Skye and you were right! It didn’t take us but a second to determine that Cali needed her own high-end site to capture her wonderful beauty. So what are you waiting for?! Check it out – www.caliskye.com

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Pull up a chair and let Cali Skye show you something. Cali wants you to take a long hard look at this baby doll lingerie and matching thong while she struts around in her high heels. We think you’ll appreciate that you’ll be sitting down when you see her.

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These boots were made for walkin’ and that’s just what she’ll do. Today is they day they’re gonna walk all over you! And blonde teen model Cali Skye is the one who’s going to be doing the walking while wearing a sheer baby doll and matching thong. We hope you like footprints on your back.

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White On Black

{ 11.15.12 }

So you still need more proof that blonde teen model Cali Skye is the real deal? Ok then. Here she is in a sheer teddy and matching thong with some high heels. More proof that she’s confident and daring model. But for some reason we think you’ll be hungry for more.

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We’ve got a big surprise in a small package for you. Her name is Cali Skye and she’s our newest teen model and our featured model of the month. Cali isn’t lacking in confidence and kicks her feature model run with a daring debut. Wait until you see her showing off this sheer lace top and thong with a garter, stockings and high heels.

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