China White – Adele

{ 01.08.15 }


56 hi-res photos & HD video.

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Wait until you feast your eyes on this long haired beauty. Please welcome Michaela, our newest Teen Starlet model. With such a stunning look simple can be better when it comes to lingerie. So she makes her debut in this simple bra and thong. Better to keep your focus on what really matters. Michaela’s beauty.

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We’re pleased to introduce to you teen glamour model Tereza. This brunette beauty just loves modeling lingerie as you will see in her debut. She had so many bras and thongs to show you she really had to think it over as to what she wanted to show you first. She settled on this cute white bra and thong paired with a simple white sweater. There won’t be much for you to think over when you see this stunner.

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Running Over – Lucie

{ 08.21.14 }


Teen glamour model Lucie is back and, well, her cups are running over. Not what we would ever complain about overflowing cups. Especially when they are being handled by a beauty like Lucie. She’s such a sight in her bra and thong don’t be surprised if your excitement runs over too.

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Va Va Voom – Lucie

{ 08.14.14 }


We’ve got another exciting addition to Teen Starlet. Meet Lucie. This voluptuous, blonde teen glamour model is sure to take your breath away. In her debut you’ll find Lucie showing off in a bra and a pair boy short panties. Now take a deep breath and feast your eyes on Lucie.

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