Annelee’s run as our featured model of the month has come to an end. And she’s going out in a blaze of glory. Just wait until you see her in this very daring sheer teddy with a thong back. She’s just radiating coolness. So much so she needed to wear sunglasses to block the glare. I doubt you’ll be wearing sunglasses when you see this update.

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Teddy V – Annalee

{ 07.19.12 }

You know how they say the third time is the charm? I think someone gave teen model Annalee a little reminder. Why else would she be sporting this sheer, lace sling with a thong back? Oh yeah, because she’s a teen starlet model ;)

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Annalee sure doesn’t mess around. This time she’s gone all out with the complete lingerie get-up. Black sheer lace, with a thong and thigh-high stockings. Every girl needs an outfit like this in her closet.

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We’re keeping things nice and hot this summer and what better way to keep to turn up the heat than with a new model? We’d like to introduce you to Annalee, July’s featured model of the month. This party girl loves to flirt, shop and lucky for you, she also loves to model. In her debut set Annalee is showing off a daring, sheer lingerie outfit with a thong back. Get a class of water to cool yourself off.

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