Brooke & Brandi

Height: Brooke - 5'0, Brandi - 5'1

Weight: Brooke - 97 lbs, Brandi - 94lbs

Bust: Brooke - 31A, Brandi - 32B

Waist: Brooke - 23, Brandi - 23

Hips: Brooke - 33, Brandi - 33

Brooke and Brandi are the younger sisters of Brittany.

What’s up.. I’m Brooke, the spunkiest girl you’d ever meet. I’m a varsity cheerleader of my high school but I’m also into cheerleading competatively. Tumbling is my thing & flexibility is so important. I strive for greatness at anything I do and everything I do it give my all. Theme parks are amazing & roller coasters are my anti-drug, nothing like being high in the sky. Well check me out & enjoy ;-P

Hey there…this is Brandi! I’m also a cheerleader on our school team and the competitive team, Brooke and I are the best of course! I am ALWAYS up for going to the mall to go shopping. If you watched my intro video below, you can’t help but notice that I am a HUGE Twilight fan!! Edward Cullen fan is soooo dreamy! I am so excited to be modeling. I absolutely loved my very first shoot and my photographer said I was a natural. I always look forward to my photo shoots and I look forward to hearing what you think :-)

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