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Interested in modeling for the premier teen glamour website in the industry today…..then please read below!


TeenStarlet.com is always looking for beautiful new models to feature on our website. Please take 5 minutes to read this page carefully as it answers most of the questions you likely have. If you are interested in modeling for us, you can complete a submission package as described below under “Model Submission”.



  • Overview: TeenStarlet is a online publication that focuses on the beauty of teen models.
  • Models: TeenStarlet features models in glamour settings, meaning in lingerie and swimwear attire.
  • Member site: TeenStarlet is a member site, meaning that viewers will have to join the website by paying a membership fee ($25 per month) in order to have access to the complete amount of photos and videos.
  • Preview photos and videos: A limited number of photos and videos of each model are available in the “free” public area and are used to promote the site and to provide a preview for the users who are considering joining the site.



  • Location: We will either come to your location (within a one-hour drive) or we will fly you to our location, all expenses paid. Normally we shoot on location, in a rented home or condo.
  • Escort Policy: For models under the age of 18, one parent/guardian or approved escort is required to attend the shoot. For models 18 and older, they may bring one female escort. Males are not allowed to attend the shoot as we may be shooting multiple models during each photoshoot.
  • Make-up Artist: For most shoots there will be a make-up artist to do your make-up.
  • Wardrobe: Most often we will purchase the wardrobe for you to wear for the photoshoot. In some cases, we may like something that you already own, in which case we will use that. We usually let the model keep some of the wardrobe from the shoot.
  • Compensation: We pay the models at least $400 per day in which we plan to get at least 4 sets. A set is considered to be one outfit. We have worked with each of our models more than once so we expect there to be follow-on photoshoots.
  • Time Required: The entire photoshoot lasts a full day between 8:30AM – 6:00PM.
  • Photo & Video Details: For each set (outfit) we take approximately 125 photos and a 8-minute video. The video would consist of the model posing and moving naturally. We would publish anywhere from 30-50 pics and an edited 6-8 minute video per set. Sample photos and videos can be seen in the preview area for each model.
  • Contracts: Models will be required to sign a model release giving us permission to use the photos and videos on TeenStarlet. Photos and videos will only be used on TeenStarlet and on other websites/materials to promote TeenStarlet. We will not sell or distribute the photos or videos to any other publication. For models under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian will need to sign the model release.



As you can see from the preview photos, this is glamour modeling which means the models will be in lingerie and swimwear with thong bottoms. The style is somewhat revealing, but very tastefully done. The productions are highly professional and the resulting photos and videos are of top quality.

Here is a link showing samples of the modeling styles – Sample Modeling Style Photos

Please make sure that you (and your parent, if applicable) have reviewed the preview photos and videos to ensure that you are comfortable with this style of modeling.



If you (and your parents if applicable) are interested in you being considered to become a featured model on TeenStarlet, then please send an e-mail to models@teenstarlet.com with the following information:

  • Your full legal name and contact information (e-mail and phone)
  • If applicable, your parent’s full legal name and and contact information (e-mail and phone)
  • Your Date of birth including year
  • Location (City and State are fine, we do not want your street address)
  • Height & Weight
  • Bra & Cup Size
  • Photos:
    • Attach 6-8 recent photos showing your figure (bikini swimsuit or bra and panties is best) with at least with at least 3 shots from behind in a thong panty.
    • There are two purposes for these photos: 1) to see how your body looks at the current time and 2) to confirm that you are comfortable in lingerie with a thong bottom, which is the standard style for the Teen Starlet website.
    • We require that these are new self-pic shots. Self-pics are pics that the model takes of herself. Please do not send photographs that are not new and that you do not take yourself.
    • Most cell phones have a good enough camera for the purposes that we need. You can use a tripod or take them in a mirror, that is fine. Just take them at the highest resolution and best quality that your camera or phone supports. Do not resize them or edit them; we want the original shots .
    • These pics will not be used publicly, they are only used for evaluation.

E-mail submissions that do not include complete information and photos will not be considered. Once we receive your information, our team will review it and if we think you are a candidate, we will arrange a time to speak directly with you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

If you any have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at models@teenstarlet.com.