Who, Me?

{ 12.12.13 }


Darling Marina is isn’t exactly innocent so don’t let her cute smile and looks persuade you otherwise. She’s got quite a daring side as you’ll see as she shows off this sheer, lace teddy and thong. Then again, how could girl this cute be anything but innocent?

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A Little Sprinkle

{ 12.05.13 }


We’re excited to present to you our newest teen glamour model, Marina. Such a cutie with a little sprinkle of freckles and penetrating eyes and of course a daring attitude. Just wait until you see her moves while wearing this sheer, lace bra bra and thong with thigh high fishnet stockings. An exciting debut for sure.

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Lil Sweetie – Tati

{ 10.31.13 }


Oh Tati. Aren’t you just the Lil’ Sweetie? Just look at you and in that daring sheer shirt and tiny thong. You really know how to put a smile on our face. Such a nice little treat for everyone on Halloween. We sure would like to pull you out our bag of treats!

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Kick Ass – Tati

{ 10.24.13 }


Ok, we know you’ve heard the expression “good things come in small packages” and we know that we’re being pretty obvious with saying that when it come to our newest teen glamour model Tati. She is all goodness packed in a tiny package. Don’t let that fool you, Tati is daring and ready to kick ass. You’ll see exactly what we’re talking about when you see her debut set as Tati shows off wearing a sheer teddy and matching thong. Carefuly though, this little firecracker my just blow up in your hands.

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Chaise what? Chaise LOUNGE. Come have a seat with teen model Gracie. Then kick up your feet and lounge around because she’s here to show of this cute sheer halter and thong. We bet you wish you could lounge around like this more often.

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