Hot Serving – Adele

{ 07.03.14 }


We hope you like your servings hot because we’ve got a dish for you that may burn your hands. Please give a warm welcome to teen glamour model Adele. This blonde beauty is just simply smoking hot. Wait until you feast your eyes on Adele as she struts around the kitchen wearing this white teddy lingerie and matching thong. Better grab some oven mits!

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Clear Choice – Ela

{ 06.05.14 }

Teen glamour model Ela has made a clear choice to be more daring. And that kind of choice is one we can endorse. She looks amazing in this sheer babydoll lingerie and very tiny string thong. Here’s to hoping this choice is a permanent one.

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On The Edge – Ela

{ 05.28.14 }


We’re excited to introduce you to our newest teen glamour model Ela. You’d never know she’s new to modeling. Her confidence and daring attitude are immediately evident. You’ll see in her debut as she shows off in this sheer teddy lingerie and cute pair of boy shorts.

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Down To A T – Petra

{ 05.21.14 }


For a relative new comer to teen glamour modeling Petra sure has this down to a T. She’s a real natural in her daring ways. Something about slipping into some lingerie just turns a switch on for her. You’ll see for yourself as she models this crazy bra and thong combo with high heels. She’s turning out to be a wonderful addition to Teen Starlet.

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Euroglam – Petra

{ 05.16.14 }


As you know we’re always searching for new models and occasionally our search takes us overseas. It’s been a while, but we heard from one of our contacts in the Czech Republic that they had a new model we may be interested in. They sent us some samples of Petra and we were hooked. Petra is new to modeling so we were even more excited. She’s got some raw talent as you will see in her debut set of her showing off in this classy bra and pair of panties. We’re pretty stoked to see how she progresses as a model and to be able to bring her to you for your viewing pleasure.

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