Spicy Dish – Sabrina

{ 01.22.13 }


We hope the new year has started off well for everyone and you are sticking with your resolutions. We’re doing our best to stick with ours. What is ours? Well, it’s not really a resolution, but something we will always work hard to do. And that’s find fresh, beautiful girls for you to enjoy. In that spirit, meet Sabrina. This brunette starlet is another hottie from Canada. We believe you’ll enjoy Sabrina’s debut with her wearing this sheer lace babydoll and boy shorts with high heels.

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We hope you are ready for something exotic and spicy because we’ve got a new model for you. Meet Jasmine. Jasmine is a Bengali Indian who, lucky for you, loves to model. We’re excited to have her as part of the Teen Starlet family and we’re confident you will be too once you see her in this thong bikini.

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We are very excited to bring you a special treat from the great white north (that would be Canada) and her name is Jolie. He beautiful and exotic look will pretty much knock your socks off. Shoes too for that matter. Plus she’s got a teasing daring streak to her. Wait until you feast your eyes on her debut set with her modeling this full lingerie get up with bra, thong, stockings and a garter. We figured Jolie would be a nice way to start 2013 featured models. Just think, there’s 4 more sets to come. Yep, there’s 5 Thursday’s in Jan. Happy New Year!!!

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Pink Bunny – Paulina

{ 11.28.12 }

We’ll admit, we’re not quite sure why blonde teen model Paulina wanted to wear bunny ears with this baby doll, sheer thong and high heels, but we aren’t complaining. How could we? Paulina looks amazing and is well deserving to be one of those other famous bunnies. And we’re not talking about Jessica Rabbit.

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As you saw last week, blonde teen model Cali Skye isn’t lacking in confidence. To drive the point home Cali is back in a bra, thong and some high heeled boots. She’s quite a sight as we are sure you will agree.

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